April 2017

Living Seeds

Genesis 1:11 Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.”

To bear fruit and to sow seed are well-known expressions to Christians. Have you ever thought about it though, that there cannot be seed to sow if there is no fruit? The same goes for our spiritual lives. If we do not bear fruit, we don’t have seed to sow. Our testimonies mean nothing if we don’t practise what we preach. On the other hand, a spirit-filled life testifies to a life in which the seed virtually bursts open and sprouts shoots.

Sometimes it seems to me that many of the spiritual seeds that are sown are barren. Someone contributes money or helps another person, but the process seems to stop right there. Then there are times that we see how one word or good deed leads to a next one, and a next. As if one fruit yields many seeds and each of those seeds continues producing many seeds.

What would the difference be? The answer lies in: “Is the seed fertilized or not?”

My prayer is that every seed we sow will be fertilized by the Holy Spirit. This means that whatever I might do or say must not be all about me, but that I will respond obediently, in the way and when the Holy Spirit leads me.

May these lifeseeds that are going to be sown monthly be fruitful and produce a bountiful harvest.

Retha de Villiers

Church leaders conference – CUM BOOKS

Recently, at three events hosted by CUM books, True woman 101 was presented to Church and Ministry leaders from all over the country. During these conferences, held in Vereeniging, Cape Town and Pretoria respectively, church leaders were given the opportunity to meet some of the ROH SA committee members and learn more about the ministry. Our sincere thanks to CUM BOOKS.

Young girls ministry occasion

 On Friday evening, 24 March, we had a most enjoyable get-together with fifteen Grade 10 girls. We chatted, enjoyed a meal together and relationships were built. The theme for the evening was “Choices”. We focused in particular on making sure that each of the girls had already truly chosen to follow Jesus. We had conversations on different religions and world views. The girls took an active part in the conversations. We spoke mainly about the influence the choices they make today could have on the rest of their lives. We aim at having a few follow-up occasions during the course of the year and trust that our Father will make the seed that was sown in these young lives bear fruit for His Kingdom!! What a privilege to have preventative input in the lives of the next generation. We pray that older women throughout the country will undertake the task to become spiritual “mothers” to our young people in many different ways.