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A reminder of who Revive Our Hearts South Africa is

From: The Foreword to Divine Design

This is a story of a wise king who once placed a large stone in a road along which its most prominent citizens regularly traveled. He hid behind a rock nearby to see who would be considerate and move the stone out of the way.

As he suspected, many of the prominent people of his kingdom came along, but simply went around the stone. Then a poor vegetable farmer came along on his cart and stopped. He struggled and sweated for a long time to roll the stone out of the road. In his struggle he almost overlooked the small bag that was lying in the hollow beneath the stone. To his surprise he found a handful of gold coins and a note from the king that said the coins belonged to the person who moved the stone out of the way.

Womanhood is faced with a road ahead that is full of stones! It has been plunged into crisis. Lies have been told about geniune womanhood, the abuse and misuse of women, role and gender confusion, and so much more, have become big stones on our path to freedom and joy.

God needs ordinary women who are willing to stop and deliberately move stones out of the road. He used Miriam, Mary, Deborah, Esher, Rahab, Abigail and even a poor widow from Zarephath to do so. Similarly, He has used Amy Carmichael, Florence Nightingale, Corrie ten Boom, Elisabeth Elliot, Nancy De Moss Wogemuth and many others throughout history to do the same. Today He still uses women, such as Mariëtte, Susan, Elize, Margaret, Marinda, Elsabe and Veronica… and you.

In His way He is also using Retha de Villiers, ambassador of Revive Our Hearts South Africa. For as long as she can remember, Retha’s heart has been or fire to share the truth of God’s Word with women. After the birth of their first child, she bid her career farewell and immediately began a women’s Bible study group in her home. This led to many groups and Bible studies over the next 25 years. Although she was always actively involved in women’s ministry, she constantly felt that something was missing and that she was isolated. Today she realizes that her times in the desert were a valuable learning experience during which the Lord taught her many lessons about humility, brokenness, holiness, surrender and waiting on the Lord.

For many years Retha listened to the Revive Our Hearts radio broadcasts. In 2014 she had the opportunity to attend the True Woman 14 Conference, a ministry of Revive Our Hears, in Indianapolis, USA. A few weeks before the conference, Retha felt that God was sending her to America so that she could bring the concept back to South Africa. It was a strange thought, but she decided to leave things in God’s hands.

During the conference, the Revive Our Hearts Ambassador Program was launched, with the vision of having Revive Our Hearts amassodors all over the world. Retha attended the session, and upon hearing the opening words of the speaker – that the organization would like to pass on the baton of truth about womanhood to other countries – Retha knew that is was God speaking to her. This was the final confirmation for her that God had called her to women’s ministry in South Africa, specifically with Revive Our Hearts. And so Revive Our Hearts South Africa was born in 2014!

We believe that Revive Our Hearts South Africa is the vehicle that is needed to roll away the stones that lie in the path of today’s women. We believe that we are also a vehicle through which the Holy Spirit can reach thousands of women, not only in South Africa, but also elsewhere in Africa. God wants every woman to find the gold coins that He holds in the hollow of His hands.

Revive Our Hearts South Africa’s main focus is personal revival and biblical womanhood. We believe that the truths in God’s Word need to be shared with women so that the Holy Spirit can bring about revival in their hearts. Women who embrace the truth of the Word will welcome the truths about biblical womanhood, reflecting the miracle of Jesus and the Gospel in their lives. God wants women to find geniune womanhood so that the truth will truly set them free (see John 8:32)

God has blessed Revive Our Hearts with an arsenal of support and services. One of the most important of these is our website. Information on just about any topic can be found here: radio programs, messages, articles, Bible studies, books, DVDs, CDs, conference packages and much more. We are personally involved in women’s lives, helping them to discover God’s treasures of gold. We arrange speakers or facilitate women’s camps, seminars, conferences and other women’s events.

It is the desire of our hearts to obey God’s command, as Mary said in Luke 1:38: “I am the Lord’s servant.” We want to join hands with the women of South Africa, Africa and the world to roll away the stones that lie on the path of womanhood so as to discover God’s golden blessings.

May this wonderful Bible study Divine Design be a powerful instrument in God’s hands to reveal deep truths to you about womanhood.

In His service

Revive Our Hearts South Africa