News Desember 2016


I am a daughter of the God Almighty and the Bride of Jesus Christ

At the end of November, I’ll be 53 years old and I always thought I was a Christian. 2016 and specifically the study of True Woman 101 changed my perspective though. It is written in my journal as a time in my life when I had to face the truth.

I remember the morning when I sat in my my garden, starting with the First Week of the Bible Study. I was busy with “Day 1” or “Day 2” when I started laughing out loud – I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I realised that it was something BIG, something very SPECIAL and it was going to change my life!

I wish I could say it was easy. It wasn’t and it’s still painfull when my stubborn and cold heart is revealed to me. Fortunately I can rejoice in this certainty: “Thank you for enlightening me. From now on forward, I will try my best to be more of the daughter you designed and created me to be.”

Every woman should hear the message of True Woman 101 and we should encourage and help each other to fight against the lies modern women believe and which destroy our and our families’ lives.



It is difficult to capture in a few sentences the essence of what the two True Woman studies meant to me. My perspective on life and womanhood changed totally! I struggled to understand, appreciate and embrace my role as a woman before, but now it becomes much easier for me. Becoming a true woman is more often pleasant than hard work. I realised that God created women with a specific plan in mind. We were not created as an afterthought, but as main characters in His love story for mankind. I am relieved and thankful that my role as a woman no longer feels like drudgery and an ungrateful job. Peace and a sense of purpose took hold of me. What a privilege to share true womanhood with other women and girl friends.

Frances Boonstra