March 2016

True Woman 101 groups in Jeffreys Bay

The women in Jeffreys Bay and vicinity are SO ready for this!  About 30 women, from different racial groups have already shown interest in the course.  And this is only the beginning.  As soon as our marketing kicks off, the whole town is going to buzz with excitement!

The first group is already on the go and they are doing Week 3 at the moment.  The rest are so anxious about the arrival of their books from the USA, that they enquire about the progress of the ship every week!

The women are not only hungry for better knowledge about true womanhood, but also find the evening chats precious.   We learn so much from each other.

May Jeffreys Bay become the Eye of the Fountain for the women of the Eastern Cape!

Maxie Heppell

2. We are excited to introduce our very own Revive Our Hearts South Africa web site.   Please have a look at  www.reviveourhearts.co.za.

3. If you haven’t downloaded the Revive Our Hearts APP yet, please do so and enjoy the daily podcasts.  Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth is currently busy with a brilliant series on Song of Songs – How to fall and stay in love with Jesus.